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Cash has never been more King than it is today. Virtual cash, such as credit and debit cards or electronic payment systems, have been dominating most organisations’ cash management strategies, with real cash remaining an ever increasing business and logistical challenge. OCS Cash Management is a specialist software solutions provider, who specialises in integrating real and virtual cash management into flexible, robust and responsive business solutions.

OCS Cash Management leverages leading integration technologies captured in OCS’ SSA Framework© that focus on fulfilling business challenges around cash efficiency, process streamlining, audit and compliance, intelligent touch points, recycling and hardware enhancement and lifecycle extensions.

OCS Cash Management recognises our clients’ businesses are wanting solutions that work for them, so we focus on removing inhibitors present in how hardware and business applications work together.

OCS Cash Management looks to technology and how process automation coupled with dynamic, yet controlled interfaces, can change the way businesses’ manage their cash. OCS’ perspective is there are business opportunities that with innovation and pragmatism can be captured by solutions using hardware, software and integration intelligence. Just as businesses must find their niche, so must a business’s cash management be based on solutions that are compatible to the niche the business seeks to engage. Configurable, flexible and available are the cornerstones to delivering the right business solutions and something we at OCS Cash Management pride ourselves on achieving.

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